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Specialists in exterior cleaning.

Driveway and Pressure Cleaning

Driveway Cleaning / Pressure Cleaning

One of the first things visitors will notice is your driveway. After a few years being exposed to the elements your driveway can start to look a bit tired. It may become a slip hazard to people walking on it. With our specialist variable pressure machinery we are sure that whatever the state of your driveway, we can get it looking as good as new. The industrial equipment that A.K.A Cleaning uses is purposely designed to clean driveways, slabs, patios, decking, walls etc. . . .

Pressure cleaning some surfaces with a domestic pressure washer can be messy and time consuming and do more harm than good in the long term, sometimes leaving unwanted striping on the surface.

Our specialist rotary systems are specifically designed to remove as little sand as possible when cleaning block paving and give a uniform clean finish. We then Re-sand using fresh kiln dried sand.

If area to be cleaned has weeds we can weed kill the area using our industrial weed killer and sprayer.

We take on any size of job from small patio areas to large commercial buildings / areas.

We have the very latest commercial equipment which can tackle any job.

1. Weedkill area if needed

2. Deep clean using surface rotary area

3. Turbo wash around tight spaces and edges

4. Rinse off all dirt and grime

5. Re-sand using fresh Kiln dried sand (mono block)

A double driveway can cost as little as £90.00

Why not Email,  Text or Whatsapp a photo of area needing cleaned for a quick quote.

Please include something in photo like  front / back of house or car to provide a sense of size.


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