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Specialists in exterior cleaning.

Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning Service

We use a ladderless pole system to clean windows as it is the safest way.

We use water that has been purified which makes it 100% pure water with everything else removed.

How does it work

  • We purify the water at our premises.
  • The purified water is then heated within our van.
  • The water is then fed to the pole system and is used with the brush to clean the glass and the frames.
  • The window and frame is then rinsed using the purified water and left to dry naturally.

Benefits of using the pole system

  • No ladders are used making it the safest method and there is no damage done to the building or dents left in the lawn.
  • Both windows and frames are cleaned each wash.
  • Previously inaccessible windows above conservatories can now be easily reached.
  • Environmentally friendly as no chemicals are used.
  • Maintains privacy and reduces disturbances.



There are so many different styles of houses that its not possible to price a property without seeing it first.
Phone or email for a quote. eg detached house £6