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Nest prevention

Had enough of nests at your eaves ……. And all the mess and noise?

Nest Prevention

Swallows and House Martins building their nest at the eaves of a dwelling can be a big problem.

Whilst these little birds are nice to look at, the mess immediately below a nest can be very unsightly and requires constant cleaning from spring to the autumn.

The eaves point is often above a door or, perhaps you park your car in the flight path to a nest. The wall below a nest is often an unsightly mess and very difficult to clean.


We can fit a triangular shaped Perspex sheet made to measure specifically for your house which is too smooth for swallows to build their nest on. Please note we will not remove a nest if there are chicks inside. Before they build or after they have flown the nest is the best time.


To fit one Bird nest prevention Kit … £25.00
To fit two Bird nest prevention Kit … £40.00
To fit three or more … phone for quote